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From the Founder

Existentialism and Yoga “Each human being is, indeed, part of something mysterious” –Sri Chinmoy Existential philosophy and yoga teachings share some commonalities. In existentialism there is a concept called: “your historical moment.” Your physical body, your circumstances, your thoughts and your choices make up a completely unique m

From the Founder: Eagerness

Eagerness “Eagerness shows us that Everything is achievable.” –Sri Chinmoy We all have hopes and dreams. Through the power of mind and thought we are able to project ourselves forward and visualize our future and our goals: the things in life we wish to experience, become and achieve. How many of us reach our goals […]

Our Relationship with Harmony and Balance by Lena Schmidt

Harmony and Balance occur when we equalize the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether/Space within us. When all the elements are balanced and harmonious, we flow easily with the rhythms of life, move through challenges with grace and ease, and help others do the same. Connect with Harmony and Balance: On your mat: • […]

Our Relationship with Ether and Space by Lena Schmidt

Each week Lena explored our relationship to and with the elements in Yoga 1 on Wednesday mornings at 8am-9am in North Park. Ether/Space energy is related to openness, expansion, beginner’s mind, and acceptance. When we are at harmony with the Ether element we feel open minded and able to look at life from a fresh […]

Yoga Story – Vanessa

What first brought you to yoga? I’ve tried to stay active as an adult but usually chose high impact activities. I would try yoga while in PT but it never really stuck. It wasn’t till I moved back to SD from the east coast that a friend brought me to Pilgrimage and I developed a […]

From the Founder – “Action”

Action “Inside work remains hidden the/Fragrance of flowers.” -Sri Chinmoy* By applying yoga philosophy to our concept of work we can radically transform out day-to-day lives. Karma yoga is the practice of becoming aware of each action and the results our actions create both in ourselves and in others. We must all take action either […]

Yoga Story – Maggie C.

What first brought you to yoga? I started when I was very little (about 7 or so) doing yoga with my mom and sisters and a show on PBS called Hatha Yoga with Kathleen Hitchcock. I remember she spoke very calmly and seemed happy, and I found it very easy to twist my body into […]

Our relationship with Air by Lena Schmidt

Air energy is related to innovation, creativity, ideas, expanding your mind, and being mindful. When we are at harmony with the Air element we feel expansive, expressive, and open to new solutions. Practice gratitude for all that Air provides: fresh oxygen to nourish the lungs and blood and, of course, the winds of change! Connect […]

Our relationship with Fire by Lena Schmidt

Each week we’ll be exploring our relationship to and with the elements in Yoga 1 on Wednesday mornings at 8am-9am in North Park. See you on the mat! Fire energy is related to passion, taking charge, transformation, courage, willpower, and vision. When we are at harmony with the Fire element we feel alive! We have […]

From the Founder

“Every day/ I take a dip/ in my soul’s ecstacy-sea.”* –Sri Chinmoy Yoga is an opportunity to step physically, mentally and emotionally out of our day- to-day experiences and reconnect with our deeper sense of self. It is so easy to become lost in seemingly, ever-repeating emotional cycles and mental patterns. We become trapped inside [&